Are you living in fear or love? I wanted to share my thoughts and feelings with the world during these turbulent times, in my own opinion, and what I am doing to cope at home whilst I continue to work from home and self-isolate like most people around the world. Since this Coronavirus pandemic started, it has created fear all around the world. Everywhere we turn or listen to conversations, there is fear in everyone’s eyes and can be sensed in their body language. We have seen panic buying around the world and as you walk closer to the toilet roll aisle in the supermarket; all eyes are watching you, so don’t even think about grabbing the last toilet paper, seriously? Why? Yes there is a virus, but are we going to allow the constant state of panic and fear to control our lives? Yes, we have to self-isolate, follow the professional medical advice, and yes we have to wash our hands often and take extra precautions such as social distancing and seek medical advice if we think we have the symptoms.

During the years, I have learnt to question everything with an open heart and mind and this has allowed me to listen to my own source of energy and love. I do know one thing that has always worked for me, that is to just let go and trust, live in the present moment. We need to support each other through this and the only way I have found to be true is love. Love will win this war with the virus, not fear! We have been bombarded with information from various channels in the news, social media, health organisations and our brains are absorbing a massive amount of information. The psychological impact of spreading more fear weakens the immune system and makes the cells in our bodies more susceptible to illness. Have you noticed, how you feel after you have just watched another negative story in the news? Not great, right? Instead, go for a walk or exercise outside near a park if you live near one. Try and eat healthy foods, such as green vegetables, avocados, fresh juices and whatever lifts your spirits and makes you happy. I know this can be difficult when people are feeling stressed, I usually head straight to my chocolate pot or creamy biscuits, at least once a week for a treat! We are human after all, right? My other way of coping through this is to write a list of things I’m grateful for; I meditate and focus on my breath.

During these times of stress, there are a lot of negative thoughts in our mind and meditation will help calm the mind and bring you back to the present moment. See this as an opportunity to map your goals, perhaps start planning your own business. There are many unemployed people in the world at the moment, and many people are struggling financially. Have faith, as it is during these challenging and difficult moments that shape our lives. This is when we are able to realise our inner strength and unlimited potential. In my own life, there have been many challenges and storms but I have realised that this is just a test and an opportunity that something beautiful is on its way. Nothing lasts forever, just as nature and the seasons change, so your situation is temporary, this will not last forever.

Use this opportunity of being at home, to clear your clutter that has been on your to-do list for a while. I know this is going to be the next item on my list to be completed. Find something that works for you and brings you joy, finish reading your favourite book, or download a new book if possible, enjoy the silence and not having to travel to work for a while. Yes, how great is that, it is not the best situation, but we can turn this around from a negative into a positive time and sit quietly with our thoughts. I have noticed when we do this, we are able to focus on the truth without outside influence and interference. Use your free time to your advantage, focus on the positive in your life, realise that you are never alone and people are reaching out to each other on social media and there is help available. You don’t have to feel alone during self-isolation, reach out to your neighbours, create a Whatsapp group and keep in touch with each other. Our strength has been tested as humans but if we are helping each other and motivating each other, this is the true love in our hearts that will continue to shine through and beat the Coronavirus. We can allow this to be a negative experience controlled by external events or we can use this time to turn inward and focus on the love in our hearts and being grateful that we will get through this together. It is my wish for everyone to spread the message, ‘LOVE NOT CORONAVIRUS’ in this way, we create a higher vibration in our world to stop this virus.

I LOVE YOU beautiful soul, everyone that is reading my blog at the moment, thank you, we will get through this soon, spread love not fear.

Stay safe and keep well. Love and blessings.

Poppy x

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  1. Lauren on May 18, 2020 at 9:55 pm

    Very wise words and excellent advice.

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